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Mobile flooding protection

FloodStop, the mobile flooding protection system for your home. Install it yourself and protect yourself from flooding, simply and safely.

FloodStop is an innovative, inflatable protective cushion made of high-tech material that seals windows and doors watertight and can withstand water levels of up to two meters. In the event of a flood, it can be installed in building opening embrasures easily and without any structural modifications. The special cushion can be used not only to seal doors and windows, it also offers ideal flooding protection for historic buildings with round or pointed arches.

A proven, internationally patented, high-quality Swiss product for private flooding protection that reliably seals off building openings of all kinds and shapes (partial protection possible). The perfect property protection against flooding.


FloodStop is an air-filled protective cushion that is manufactured individually for every building opening that needs to be sealed shut. It adapts to front doors, cellar doors, windows, garage doors, air shafts, or other openings, making it an ideal form of property protection against flooding. In the case of a flooding emergency, FloodStop can be inserted into building openings in just a few easy steps, and then filled with air to a maximum pressure of 0.8 bar. The air pressure firmly presses the cushion into the embrasures and creates a stable sealing effect. FloodStop protects against floods with a water level of up to 2.20 meters for at least 200 hours, which is more than a full week. If carefully maintained and stored, the cushions can be used over and over again.

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Damage scenario

Water intrusion, for example in cellars, can quickly cause damage totaling up to CHF 35,000


1 × front door (partial protection) CHF  950
1 × front door (full protection) CHF  1’630
1 × window (full protection) CHF  690
1 × French window in the kitchen (full protection) CHF  2’050




With a 50% subsidy* - CHF  2’660

* Cantonal building insurance offer subsidies for these kinds of private investments of up to 50%.

If properly stored and maintained, the protective cushions can be used time and again and are amortized in a short time.

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Outstanding performance
Our quality standards ensure that your property is effectively protected against floods.

The pressure absorption capacity and the watertightness of each individual FloodStop is tested at the end of the production process in order to guarantee its functionality. Our production processes are subject to ongoing process control. We understand quality to mean high-quality products based on state-of-the-art technology together with customer-oriented service. 

FloodStop is an internationally patented, high-quality Swiss product for flooding protection. It has been certified by the Hamburg University of Technology, the leading European university when it comes to flood protection and flood research, (Department Chair Prof. Dr. Ing. Erik Pasche) after thorough, rigorous practical tests without constraints.

FloodStop is made of extremely tear-resistant, polyurethane-coated double-wall textile, which is both airtight and watertight. Inside of the cushion, 28,000 nylon threads per square meter maintain its shape and stability. The guaranteed service life of the cushion after being inflated once is at least 200 hours. FloodStop protective cushions can be used over and over again for many years. A one-time purchase – long-term protection.

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Why FloodStop?

With little effort and without any structural measures, a building can be effectively protected!
Protect buildings from flooding in just a few steps and without any structural measures! 

With the innovative, patented FloodStop system, the innovative safety system, the fight against the water can be successfully managed. The inflatable protective pillows, which are produced by a highly complex technology process, are very user-friendly and can be installed in a short time without any structural measures. House residents can quickly and easily seal the building openings of their property, close down drains and inflows, thus protecting rooms and furniture against expensive water damage. The guaranteed service life of the FloodStop is about 200 hours at a flow velocity of up to 14 km / h and a water level of up to two meters. The FloodStop is available in a wide range of standard sizes or custom-made for more complex building openings.

Professional on-site support
A targeted risk analysis is the basis for the right and full flood protection concept. Our experts will be pleased to provide you with professional on-site support in order to design the right and targeted flood protection for your property.

Maintenance / service services
The FloodStop can be used repeatedly. After a flood disaster, the FloodStop must be cleaned and dried before storage.
If an individual function check is desired, our maintenance team is at your disposal.

Unrivaled strong
The innovative and technical high-quality FloodStop system is quickly and easily installed. For storage, it requires little floor space and the use of special materials makes the FloodStop very light in weight. The FloodStop system can be used without having to carry out structural measures on the object to be protected. The system is protected by the entry at the European Patent Office.




Grand Prix of the 39th exhibition for the mobile flood protection system "FloodStop"
Buildings can be easily and quickly protected against floods.

Price of the Geneva Fire Brigade (SIS) for the flood protection system "FloodStop"

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